Lunch for kids at School       

    Every kids deserve  food, warm cloths,education and safe home to enjoy their innocent life with their lovely mom and dad. Many kids in developing country are left out from school because their poor parents cannot afford food, education and necessary warm cloths and toy for the kids. Governments doesn't have enough resource to pay for every kids.
         Poor kids are going to school but doesn't have money for lunch and those tired and hungry children are not learning anything. They cannot focus on study and involved in the school activities with empty stomach.
       The scenario in reality is more heart breaking than what we can explain and see on media. Those innocent kids are loosing their confidence and inclusiveness among their friends  and community.
        The government has started free lunch scheme to bring more student in school. The parents are sending their kids to school thinking that their kids at least get enough food.
     But the food  is not enough and the quality of food is not even close to standard.
 LoriCup is Committed to make nutritional change in the plate of those poor student in Nepal. We are donating  certain percent of our revenue to 4 Poor Region of the country Gorkha, Chitwan, Sarlahi and Karnali in Nepal through different non-profit helping hand working to make changes on that Region.
We want to bring about the time where no kids stay hungry in the class room. They Smile, learn and Grow.
All the order you make, you add more nutrition on kids table and smile on their faces.
                                      Help us fight Kids Hunger